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no hype, no gloss, no pretense, just me

22nd April, 2007. 5:54 pm. I love Pink

I have loved this song since she first came out with her Album and her message is so true....I think she can put into song what many American's feel in this country.

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7th November, 2004. 11:01 pm. GMAIL invites

Another thing--

Does anyone have a GMAIL invite that I could have? Someone actually gave me one awhile back and I didnt know you had a certain time to use it and it is expired and I am so pissed off! If you have 2 to spare or 2 different people that would be really great, coz Sara wants one too.... pretty please!! :) :) :) You can email the link/code to lindsaydalman@hotmail.com thanks guys!!!

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24th July, 2004. 3:37 pm.

Yes, I removed most of you. Why? Because I don't know who gives a damn about me or my journal and reading it- I don't care if you read and don't comment much- if you don't have time..whatever. Just tell me that then in this entry. If you wanna stay- then comment in this entry and I will put you back on. I just want to make sure I am not opening up myself writing about my life to people who don't give a damn or who don't read or who arent even using their journal. A few people I didn't remove- bc I know you read, or you comment so I know you read, or I know you in real life, or I just plain like your journal whether you comment to me or not.

That's all, have a nice day. Yes, I'm very bitchy today, Im cranky so leave some love.

[EDIT]All you gotta do is ask and let me know you wanna be here and I'll re-add you. Just no point in having people here who don't want to be so just comment and you'll be re-added.

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21st March, 2004. 9:55 pm.

Are you a fan of Tyra Bank's show- America's Next Top Model?

Are you an aspiring model?

Do you photograph well and like to take pictures of yourself?

Do you have a background in modeling, fashion, or makeup and could make a good judge?

Then come join ljsnexttopmodel

From the community info page:

LiveJournal's Next Top Model is a competition based on UPN's hit television show, America's Next Top Model. While no professional contracts will result after this is over, we think this could be an exciting experience for fans of the show, inspiring models, and people who just want to have a little fun. The winner's prize has yet to be decided, but will most likely include a paid livejournal among other prizes.

Come check it out.

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20th March, 2004. 11:51 pm.

blah on all of you.


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24th January, 2004. 2:49 pm.

I took some people off my friends list because:

1. It was getting to big and I can't be a good friend to over 90 people.
2. Those I took off I never actually read their journal or talked to and don't even know them.
3. Again- I'm being a bad LJ friend to those I actually care about/know so I need more time to concentrate on those left.

So if I removed you, please do the same and remove me from your list because my journal is friends only (besides this entry so you can see it) and you wont see any entries anyways. No hard feelings.

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29th October, 2003. 12:45 pm.

Hey ya'll do this for me :)


and then type in a word here to search for:

THANK YOU if you do it! YOu will be helping me make money! So PLEASE!

Current mood: awake.

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3rd October, 2003. 1:12 am.

my new money project.....i hear it works....sign up!

Get Paid To Read Emails

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21st July, 2003. 9:16 pm.

its been a lazy day..

well ya'll know about this morning from my last post...i did end up watching Regis and Kelly, which I love and miss watching. Back in my dorm days in CHicago it would come on about 1am, and I would watch it almost everynight before going to bed.

I went back to sleep after that, but was woken up at noon, just 2 hours after sleeping by sara 2waying me...and then woken up again at 2:30 by her brother comming home and deciding he needed to come into our room seeing if anyone was in there. STAY THE FUCK OUT. needless to say, i was not happy about my sleep today. i did nothing but lay around and stuff....and set up babysitting for the week. I am not babysitting set hours for the 2 kids I wrote about, I am actually watching Hanna again (sara's cousin's kid), Tuesday through Thursday from 7am until around 6pm. Not much pay, coz I am only getting what their 16 year old sitter gets, but its something I suppose. I may also watch the other kids at random hours too at the house, its her brother's kids...so it works out if he needs to drop them off.

Me and Sara have just been laying around since she got home, doing nothing much. She actually fell asleep and is still fast asleep on the couch. I am eagerly awaiting 10pm to come, for Road Rules and then Surf Girls...i love Monday night MTV :)

Gotta make lots more calls to set up apartment appointments so we can find a place this weekend. I am really excited for our trip to Chicago...it will be really nice to be back in the city and looking for a place to live.

There was really bad thunderstorms here today...I think I hear the sirens right now, is that kind of weird? I dont know if those should be going off...I think I need to go check it out coz its kinda sketchy...

Current mood: contemplative.

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20th July, 2003. 4:04 pm.


Current mood: cheerful.

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